Watching the hilarious new comedy Glee brings back a lot of memories about high school.  Sadly, however, it brings back horrible memories of very tumultuous times.

I seriously hated high school.  I was, obviously, one of those Kurt Hummel types but not quite exactly.  Unlike Kurt Hummel, I was not a trendy fashionista back in high school.  I think the trendiest piece of fashion I owned was a pair of Tretorn shoes.

And unlike Kurt Hummel, I was not part of Glee Club.  I remember wanting so badly to be part of Glee because almost everyone who was friendly to me was part of it.  But, alas I could not sing.   I remember auditioning with Cindy Lauper’s Time After Time in a capella, cutting short the chorus and storming out of the room in tears because I sucked big time.

The past is past and I have moved on but every now and then I look back and regret that I hated life in high school so much, primarily because I was not out.  I was too afraid to come out.  I was too afraid to be true to myself.  In last week’s episode of Glee, unitard-clad Kurt Hummel was brave and honest enough to come out to his dad who turned out to be totally accepting and supportive.  It was a sweet coming out scene that, I guess, I would never have with my own dad.  I’m sure my dad knew and I’m sure he would have been totally accepting and supportive, too.  Probably, a dramatic coming out scene would not have been necessary.  So I guess I shouldn’t really dwell in the past anymore.  Life is too short for regrets.

In hindsight, I may just be bitter about high school because I never got laid back then.

Glee airs Wednesday nights on Fox.