I was so excited to see saba bananas the other day at this Filipino grocery store I recently discovered in the city.  The first thing that came to mind: I can fry them and make banana-cues!

Banana-cues are deep-fried bananas with caramelized sugar on a stick.  It’s one of my favorite after-school snacks growing up.  Instead of frying them after slicing or mashing like they do in Latin America, Filipinos deep-fry their saba or Philippine plantains whole and then stab a bamboo stick through them to make them a little more handy.

I actually have never made banana-cues before since my mom, of course, made them for us and they’re ubiquitous back home.  It’s really simple to do: heat a wokful of oil, roll the bananas in brown sugar and deep-fry them. It’s easier said than done, I guess.  After burning a couple bananas in my first try, I managed to get the sugar nicely caramelized with the rest of the batch.


  • http://www.thegirlfromtheghetto.wordpress.com thegirlfromtheghetto

    Your banana-cues look fantastic. Mmm!

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  • http://trissalicious.com/ Trissa

    This would be fantastic with ice cream too!

  • http://www.junbelen.com Jun Belen

    Such a brilliant idea! Thanks, Trissa!

  • http://www.TeenieCakes.com Cristina

    I luv banana desserts and these look like something me and my sister would call a favorite. I wonder if it would be just as good using regular bananas? My mom made maruias…a banana-pancake like filipino dessert. ;)

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  • Sheenalyn Go

    I love your blog because aside from I love banana cue’s, its also tells about our own Filipino delicacies. I have also posted some of our filipino desserts.