I love old movies and the old Hollywood musicals. And I love them even more when seen on a huge wide screen. And for this reason I love the Castro Theater.

I just think Ann twirling and tapping in Kiss Me Kate or Bette bitching and screaming in All About Eve is more breathtaking when seen on the wide screen.  It definitely is a lot more fun to remember My Favorite Things with Julie, singing it along with a thousand other frivolous fans.  These kinds of things make this historic theater in the center of bustling Castro district so beloved.

For the holidays, it’s going to be Hitchcock at the Castro Theater.  Dennis and I will certainly miss Miss Mona in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas since it won’t be a Dolly Parton Christmas this year.  But it’ll be exciting to see again in the big screen Kim Novak jumping into the chilly waters of the San Francisco Bay and Cary Grant being attacked by a bi-plane crop-duster in a Midwest cornfield.

Here is the complete schedule of the 13 Hitchcock movies playing this month at the Castro Theater.

Castro Theater