The best things in life are free, so they say.  Or, at least, it costs 50 cents a bun and a short drive to Bernal Heights Park.

The view on a gorgeous San Francisco day on top of Bernal Heights Park is truly breathtaking. From the north side of the park you can see everything from the Marin headlands and the glorious towers of the Golden Gate to the downtown skyline, the Bay Bridge and the East Bay hills. It’s my new favorite spot in the city — no maddening crowds, just local folks perambulating with their adorable dogs.

On Top of Bernal Heights Park

And how do you enjoy a spectacular San Francisco sunset on top of Bernal Heights Park?  With freshly baked coconut buns from nearby King’s bakery.  King’s is a humble hole-in-the-wall Chinese bakery in the Mission, between 24th and 25th Streets.  They make the best coconut buns — soft sesame-sprinkled rolls with incredible sugar-butter-coconut filling. At 50 cents a bun, they are truly amazing.