I am so excited to tell you that our girls have arrived. Four fluffy baby chicks, the new addition to our family. I may have already told some of you about them but for those who haven’t heard we’re taking a crack at raising chickens. We are thrilled that they’re finally here.

The day-old chicks came in the post office yesterday, all twenty-five of them huddled together inside a cardboard box shipped all the way from the Murray McMurray in Iowa. We kept four — a mixed flock of two Rhode Island Reds, one Buff Orpington, and one Silver Laced Wyandotte — and delivered the rest to our friends at Soul Food Farm in Vacaville.  We barely slept through their first night but I think the birds are settling in nicely in their new home, a brooder box Dennis crafted from pine wood and chicken wire and lined with old socks and shirts. They have their own room in our basement, which we have jazzed up with a fresh coat of sage green paint and have fitted with a camera so we can take a close watch at the girls. This is where they will stay until they are big enough for a coop, which we will build ourselves. Build ambitiously from scratch. Wish us luck.

I never realized until now that baby chicks are incredibly voracious eaters. What a huge appetite for their tiny frames! And, my goodness, they are prolific poopers! Watching them chase each other and zigzag their way in the brooder is immensely entertaining. The baby chicks are simply adorable. Pecking and peeping incessantly but not annoyingly. Tilting their fluffy heads up as they drink from the fount. Falling asleep — literally, falling asleep as their beaks fall and drop then briskly waking up from their quick nap to eat, drink, poop, and be cute all over again. Very charming, indeed.

As much as I am excited, I must admit that I am nervous.  Absolutely nervous.  If you don’t know me by now, let me tell you that worrying is what I do.  I worry about everything.  Raising chickens is a huge responsibility, for crying out loud.  A commitment.  For us, it is an experiment to test our compatibility with the lifestyle.

But for now, while I dream of fried eggs over rice studded with salt and sriracha, I hope the girls (we hope they’re all girls!) grow up healthy and strong.  And while I’m dreaming and hoping, I might as well be entertained by our golden girls.

Rose, the Orpington. Blanche, the Wyandotte. Dorothy and Sofia, the Rhode Island Reds.


Golden Girls

Golden Girls

Golden Girls

  • Vanilla

    They’re… so.. cute!! <3

  • http://www.youfedababychili.com brhau

    So precious. Congratulations! I can’t wait to meet them, and watch them become little Jun-blog celebrities.

  • Anneliesz

    They are so precious. I particularly love the last photo of them gathering. It makes me wonder why we don’t live in Oakland…

  • Giuia

    Good luck with the chicks.  As a Filipina in Massachusetts with absolutely no access to any Filipino food, I find  your website a great resource.  This is my friend’s website http://www.hencam.com.  She’s got 9 chickens (one of which is a buff orpington and a few rhode island reds.)  They’re fabulous to watch.  She’s a great and practical resource for chickens and was once on Martha Stewart’s Easter show.  We’ve had chickens for years and there is nothing more rewarding than getting those fresh and beautiful eggs of various sizes and various colors.  Enjoy!

  • http://www.xaieatsalot.com Xai Losito

    So adorable. I wanna meet them! Well, there’s live streaming for now. Lol. How’s Stanford when he saw them? Lol. Good luck and I can’t wait to see more of them on here. :)

  • Chez Us – Denise

    Congrats on parenthood!  I cannot wait to meet the girls, and I cannot wait to try their delicious eggs!!  I am going to check out their live stream now – fun!!

  • Dawn

    Reading this reminded me of as a child going to the Post Office with my auntie to pick up the chicks she had ordered.  Such a fun memory – I’m still smiling right now.  Good luck with your (hopefully) girls.

  • http://eats.sefiebee.com/ Sefie

    Congratulations to both of you on becoming daddies! :) Can’t wait to see more posts on the girls.

  • http://twitter.com/missTdJ Trina

    Too ADORABLE.  I can imagine how softfluffyfluff they must feel in your hands. I’m so looking forward to more blog updates of the girls!

  • http://www.whisk-kid.com/ Kaitlin

    AHHH!  I’m so excited for you!  We raised chickens when I was young and kept them in a box with a heat lamp inside until they were large enough to live outdoors in the coop.  It was so nice to come home to them wandering around the yard each day.  I loved those little guys…  Except for the roosters.  I’m going to hope for you too that they’re all girls!

    And man oh man – they definitely do poop a lot.  Haha.  If I had a penny for all the times a chicken has pooped on me…  lol

  • http://samanthafoodgeek.com/ Samantha

    I am so excited! AND they are tooo cute to boot! I wish you and Dennis every success as new Daddies! 

  • Anonymous

    Chickens are the new black! GREG

  • http://domesticdigerati.wordpress.com/ ddigerati

    So beautiful!  What an amazing addition to the family. Love their names!  “Thank you for being a friend…Travel down the road and back again…”

  • Lala


    omg. brilliant names!!!!  hahaha it’s adorable that you’re so worried.  well, they’re also adorable.  golden indeed.  wishing you and Dennis luck in raising the girls :) Celine

  • http://www.athoughtforfood.net/ Brian

    HI CUTIES!!! Oh I want to pet one!

  • http://whenadobometfeijoada.blogspot.com/ carolineadobo

    Woohoo, welcome to the club Jun (Dennis & Stanford, too!) Aren’t they just love at first sight? Yes they eat plenty but it shows, they grow up so fast, too.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with the new additions with your readers through live stream, hopefully it’ll get others to think about keeping chickens as well.

  • http://www.purseplace.com/ denalmartin

    So sweet! Well, there’s live stream for now. Lol. How’s
    Stanford when he saw them? Good luck and I can’t wait to see more of them on

  • http://crumpetsandcakes.blogspot.com/ M.

    super cute!!!

  • http://pickyin.blogspot.com Chang Pick Yin

    Love love love! All the best!

  • Adora Ding

    They are just adorable! Such beautiful colours. I know what you mean about being worried. They are live creatures after all. All the best wishes to you and your brood, Jun.

  • http://blog.junbelen.com/ Jun Belen

     Thank you, Dawn!  We weren’t expecting the chicks until Tuesday or Wednesday but then we got an early call from the Post Office on Monday relaying the message that there’s a box of chicks peeping waiting for us. We’re so excited!!  And we’re really hoping they are all girls!!

  • http://blog.junbelen.com/ Jun Belen

     Thank you, Giuia, for the note and for the link to your friend’s website!  We are so excited about the chickens — we hope they’re all girls! — and the prospect of two dozen fresh eggs every week.  And thank you for your kind words about the blog.  I know what you mean.  Even here in the Bay Area, there’s a dearth of good Filipino restaurants but at least there’s a lot of Filipino and Asian stores so I shouldn’t complain.  I hope you’ll come back and check out the recipes.  Best to you, Giuia.

  • Authenticsuburbangourmet

    Jun – they are so incredibly cute and adorable.  My hubby and I have tossed around the idea of having chickens – I look forward hearing about your adventures.  Great photography.  Have a brilliant weekend.

  • http://saberkite.com saberkite

    They’re lovely! My parents live in a farm so seeing these little critters is usual for me but I still can’t get over their cuteness. We had a few of them here in our apartment a week or so ago, freshly hatched and ready to be sent to the province.

  • http://www.beyondtheplate.net/ Danielle

    A little late to the party, but huge congrats on their safe arrival and on their one-week anniversary! They are so adorable, can’t wait to meet them :)

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  • http://80breakfasts.blogspot.com/ joey

    Congratulations on your girls!  they are beyond adorable!!!  And love the live streaming :)

  • http://www.queensnotebook.com/ Betty Ann

    Oh these chicks are super-adorable! Great photos, Jun….they capture the moment so well. Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://lookingoutthewindow.wordpress.com/ Diana

    Good luck!   You have captured  that thing that chicks do to so many of us.   I am anxious to see your photos as they grow.   Good luck with your first chicks.

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  • http://www.poultrymatters.com/ poultrymatters

    I hope the girls are a lot bigger by now.  

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