Even after twelve years living in the Bay Area, Good Fridays here still feel strange.  Back in the Philippines, everything comes to a halt.  Everything slows down and everyone gets to spend a four-day holiday with family and friends.  Well, technically it’s more like a four-day retreat from the world.  Here it’s different.  The hustle and bustle of city life remains uninterrupted.

It’s different also because it isn’t scorching hot.  I spoke with my mom the other day and she was complaining about the heat. Too hot to do anything, she said.  I checked out the weather today and it’s a high of 95 and summer has not even peaked yet!  I remember hot humid Good Fridays growing up when I would go to church with my mom.  I always had a handkerchief in one hand to wipe off my sweat and an abaniko in the other to cool myself for even the briefest moment.  Traditions transcend even the hottest of summers, I guess.

With images of hot humid summers flashing through my mind (while it’s cold and gray outside — what happened to fleeting Spring?!), I joyously remembered I still have some frozen homemade pan de sal sitting in my freezer.  I had a brilliant idea!

I ventured out to Mitchell’s Ice Cream in the Outer Mission, bought a gallon of ube ice cream and hurriedly went back home.  I excitedly toasted my pan de sal, sliced them, and scooped a generous scoop of purple awesomeness onto the lightly toasted buns.  In a matter of a minutes, I made amazing ube ice cream sandwiches.

These colorful homemade ice cream sandwiches are so easy to make.  Substitute snickerdoodles or white chocolate chip macadamia cookies for the pan de sal or substitute mint chocolate or strawberry for the ube ice cream. There are so many choices.

To learn how to make your own pan de sal at home follow the link here.

Ube Ice Cream Sandwich

  • http://whenadobometfeijoada.blogspot.com/ Caroline

    Now THIS is an ice cream sandwich!! I use to eat ube ice cream just like this growing up, so good. I planned on baking pandesal this Easter weekend, now I have to get ube ice-cream. Thanks for this great reminder.

  • http://www.junbelen.com Jun Belen

    Have a great Easter weekend, Caroline!! Let me know how your pan de sal goes!

  • Niki

    Oh dear lordy, I LOVE Ube ice cream! Especially when paired with Queso ice cream! But I’ve never thought of putting them in pan de sals! I should try this!

  • http://www.junbelen.com Jun Belen

    You have to try them with fresh hot pan de sal, they’re really really good! And yes! queso ice cream is a favorite, too!!

  • https://www.acozykitchen.com Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    I love Mitchell’s! I used to go there as a kid when I used to visit my aunt in SF. These sandwiches look great!

  • http://www.sweetendingz.blogspot.com Nicole

    Not a big fan of ube ice cream and pandesal. never understood the combo really but i’ve seen alot of people eat it like this :)
    But ube and quezo ice cream is such a good combo. when i was little i used to save up my lunch money so i could buy my daily dose of ice cream from manong sorbetero.

  • http://www.mangiodasola.com Memoria

    I’ve never heard of ube. The color of the ice cream is beautiful!

  • ninang

    pandesal ice cream sandwiches are the best! now i’m craving one after seeing this.

  • http://www.myonlinemeals.com kathy

    Hey.. that’s soooo.. my favorite. :-) Ube-Quezo combination is super.

  • http://blissfulnibbles.blogspot.com/ joanna

    i love ube ice cream but i never thought about placing them between slices of pan de sal! :D it’s very hot here as well…

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  • http://www.lasmujeres.com Maria

    I used to live in the Bay Area with a Philipino family, they introduced me to Ube ice cream, love your recipe. I also LOVE Halo-Halo.
    I will appreciate f you could give me the recipe for some rice flour balls on a stick, I don’t remember the name but we used to get them at the Philipino stores.

  • http://www.junbelen.com Jun Belen

    Hi Maria,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think I know what you mean by rice flour balls on a stick – carioca – I think I have a recipe and your note gave me a wonderful idea for a post! Stay tuned!

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  • Summer

    This, I must try! I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii to filipino parents who were born and raised in the Philippines. When I was young, we make ice cream sandwich with soft white bread and vanilla ice cream. It’s so good!!! I love pan de sal! I have eaten vanilla ice cream with it a few times. You inspire me to make gourmet ice cream sandwiches the filipino way. When I tell people about my ice cream sandwich, they think it’s really gross. They have no idea, that it really is so darn good!

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  • Lori Holland

    Did you know your picture is used in a slideshow that was on the front page of MSN this morning?
    It looks delicious, by the way. I love ube ice cream and I love pan de sal. I bet it’s a lovely combination. Thanks!

  • Book Beads

    If you don’t live near Mitchell’s, you can make your own UBE ice cream (no machine, few
    ingredients) easily by clicking here

    I found it better than store-bought and absolutely delicious!

  • celina

    Wow my two girls just said mom we are going to make icecream sandwiches , I said what how they used hawaiian sweet rolls and ice cream I told them in the philipines they do this . They said we just like it