Savory or sweet?

Breakfast is always a tough decision, more so at Dottie’s, one of my favorite breakfast joints in the city.  Last weekend it was a tossup between a prosciutto, basil, roasted tomato, red pepper flake scramble with toast and potatoes and pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes with real maple syrup.

I guess my sweet tooth kicked in.

The neighborhood may be dicey and the wait may be long but breakfast at Dottie’s is always a treat. The food is simply scrumptious. I particularly love their homemade bread and muffins and their yummy homemade jelly. And of course, their pancakes are wonderful! The tiny dining room is charming, too. I find the the tables laminated with old movie star photos and the chandeliers made from cups and saucers delightful.

Breakfast starts bright and early at 730 AM and they’re open everyday except Tuesdays. Dottie’s is at Jones and O’Farrell in the Tenderloin. The wait during the weekends, obviously, can be extra long so it’s best to show up around 7 AM to get a guaranteed seat during the first wave. Otherwise, the wait may be over an hour. Grab a cup of coffee somewhere else, read the paper, or make friends while in queue, Dottie’s definitely is worth the wait.

Dottie's Pancakes