There’s one image from the news feed back home that’s been etched in my mind from the moment I saw it. It’s a harrowing image of a young mother holding her two children in her arms.  All three lying lifeless on the ground blanketed in mud and dirt.

My heart aches for my country. Her misfortunes are too much to bear. They come one after the other. There was the magnitude-7.1 earthquake last month, there there’s this deadly typhoon, the strongest on record, right after. The news and images of the ravaged countryside are too heartbreaking.

Please be generous and give as much as you can. This is the least we can do to help her.


Save the Children Typhoon Haiyan

Philippine Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan

World Food Programme Typhoon Haiyan

American Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan

  • RWCFoodie

    Jun, my heart goes out to the people of the Philippines. Here’s some info from one of my good friends who is a Filipina about a legitimate option for donations:

    Hi everyone,
    I have contacted a friend who passed along a website to donate to the victims of this typhoon. She is very involved in the Filipina Women’s Network in SF and is from the Tacloban area. Her brother still lives there and they have since heard from her brother and wife but there son is still missing.

    The website is – they have been vetted by Charles schwab and one of the board members, Gloria T. Caoile, is a FWN member.

    She said to note on the donation – Tacloban/FWN.

    We all know that whenever disaster hits and want to donate that we are never sure that it will go to the right place. Hopefully this time, it will go where it’s most needed.

  • Ekaterina Gluschenko

    very sad and devestating. we spent this summer in Panglao-Bohol. so many people left behind i can’t even contact asking if they’re ok. as my husband lost his phone with all the contacts on the way back home.. it was awful to see the places we walked and drove laying in ruins. beautifull place, it was such a home for us through the summer..

  • Anonymous

    thank you for posting this jun. watching the coverage has made me realize how lucky we are and how much we need to give. i’ll pass this on to several friends who have expressed their desire to help out.

  • Jill Mckenzie

    I’ve heard a song “SOS Philippines”. It brings so much hope to those typhoon Haiyan survivors in Philippines.