Honey drizzled over warm buttered biscuits is great in the morning. Perfect on toast or on scones, too. But there’s another tasty (and healthier) way to enjoy honey in the morning.  It’s something I discovered on our trip to Marshall’s Farm — vanilla yogurt topped with honey, almonds and fresh strawberries.  It’s so simple yet so good.

Scoop some Straus organic vanilla non-fat yogurt.  Top with fresh sweet strawberries.  Sprinkle some Lagier Ranch sliced almonds.  And drizzle with Marshall’s California Wildflower honey.

California Wildflower honey has a delicious hint of vanilla that comes from the nectar of Meadowfoam wildflowers. Meadowfoam is a small ground cover with tiny yellow flowers that bloom in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.  Marshall’s Farm has a great selection of varietal honeys like orange blossom, almond blossom and star thistle honey.

Yogurt with Honey, Almonds and Strawberries